Fantasy Rules

VNL Fantasy is the official fantasy game of the Volleyball Nations League and offers two game modes:

  1. Fantasy Mode: You have 150 credits to choose 12 players and compete against other users. Fantasy teams have non-exclusive rosters, meaning each player can belong to multiple fantasy coaches.

  2. Leagues Mode (Auction): Conduct an auction with your friends and create your fantasy team to manage throughout the tournament. Fantasy teams have exclusive rosters.

In the Fantasy Mode, you can create your team and participate in a one vs all competition, where the ranking is based on the overall performance of your team in every Matchday.

Within the app it will be possible to play both the men's and women's competitions: both games have an independent ranking, and it will be possible to switch from one competition to another within the hamburger menu (3 horizontal lines) in top left.

More details about the Fantasy Mode follows.

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